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Georgia Harriet Cunningham

Georgia Harriet Cunningham (1888–1969) was born in Kentville NS, the youngest of three daughters of James P. and Lucinda (Whitman) Cunningham. She opened a professional photography business in Bridgetown in 1909. The fonds consists of 28 photographs. The images of people, buildings and scenery depict life in and around Bridgetown.


Winter scene, Bridgetown

County Home

County home, Bridgetown

Waterfront and covered bridge

Bridgetown waterfront and covered bridge

A man and a horse

Race horse, Bridgetown

Basketball player

Bridgetown basketball player, 1900

Portrait of a lady

Portrait of unidentified lady

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Frederick Wheelock Harris

Frederick Wheelock Harris (1869–1941) was the son of Augustus and Mary Eliza (Wheelock) Harris. A lawyer, town clerk and amateur photographer, he grew up in the family homestead on the Dugway Road and later had a home in town. The fonds consist of 228 prints and 221 slides. They depict late Victorian life c. 1900 in Annapolis Royal area as well as Bridgetown, Bear River, Bridgewater and Halifax. Images of families, individuals, children, animals, vessels, events, cemeteries, homes and a wide variety of streetscapes.


Four-masted schooner Nimbus at Acadia Pier


Natal Day parade, Bridgetown


Caulking vessel awaiting a load of lumber at Pickels & Mills wharf

Trouting expedition

Trouting expedition, South Mountain

Fishing camp

Fishing camp, South Mountain

Court House

Old Digby Court House

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Sydney Payne

Sydney Payne (1882–1964) was born in Derby, England, the son of James and Jane (Greatorex) Payne. The family moved to Granville Ferry in Sydney’s youth. In 1920 he was hired as general assistant at the Dominion Entomology Laboratory on Grange Street and was the laboratory photographer for most of his career until his retirement in 1947. Among his special duties were the preparation of entomological exhibits and their display at agricultural exhibitions. The fonds consist of 372 photographs. The images represent some of his projects at the laboratory, commissions for L.M. Fortier, Superintendent of Fort Anne and a wide variety of personal photographs of Annapolis Royal and area.


Sydney Payne’s study

View from Golf Course

View of Annapolis Royal from Hillsdale Golf Course and Dugway Road


Locomotive in Annapolis Royal

Dominion Day

Dominion Day 1 July 1927, Fort Anne



Spraying apple trees

Spraying apple trees

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Thomas Rose

Thomas Rose (1913–1989) was born in Halifax NS, the son of James and Blanche (Beazley) Rose. He operated a photography studio in Annapolis Royal from 1948 until 1973. The fonds consist of 619 photographs and approximately 2,000 negatives. The images are of people, buildings, scenery and events in Annapolis Royal and area.

Annapolis River

The Annapolis River

St. Edward's Church

Old St. Edward’s Church, Clementsport

Princess Margaret

H.R.H. Princess Margaret, Annapolis Royal, 1958

Natal Day parade

Natal Day parade, Annapolis Royal

Apple Blossom princesses

Apple Blossom princesses

Hollow Mountain Road

Hollow Mountain Road

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Howard Thorne Stultz

Howard Thorne Stultz (1902–2003) was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, the son of William A. and Blanche (Thorne) Stultz. A graduate of Acadia University (BA 1928), he entered graduate studies at Yale 1928-1930. He finished his graduate studies in entomology at McDonald College in Montreal. He was scientist with the Dominion Entomology Laboratory in Annapolis Royal from 1935 until 1952 when it was moved to a new location in Kentville, NS. He retired in 1968. The fonds consist of 262 photographs and a large number of negatives. During his time in town in the 1930s and 1940s he created an extensive collection of portrait photographs of area residents.

Annapolis Royal hospital

Annapolis Royal hospital

Annapolis Royal Academy

Annapolis Royal Academy

Girl Guides

Girl Guide troop, Annapolis Royal

Entomology Laboratory

Dominion Entomology Laboratory, Annapolis Royal

hockey team

Annapolis Tigers hockey team

Children’s play

Children’s play, Annapolis Royal

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Samuel Newton Weare

Samuel Newton Weare (1867–1939) was born in Lowell MA, the son of Albert and Julia (Newton) Weare. In the first decades of the 20th century, he operated a drugstore and photography studio in Bridgetown. The fonds consist of 145 photographs. The images depict people, events, buildings, vessels and animals in and around Bridgetown and Annapolis Royal.


Dog-walking, Fort Anne grounds

St. Luke’s Anglican Church

Interior of St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Christmastime

Mr. and Mrs. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. John M. and Isabella (Harris) Harris

Hearse, Bridgetown

Hearse, Bridgetown

St. George Street

View looking up Saint George Street

lady on the deck

A lady on the deck of a ship

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Paul Yates

Paul Yates (1863–1946) was born in Philadelphia PA. In 1906 he opened his first photographic studio in Annapolis Royal where he was a musician and bandleader. He later opened a studio in Digby and transferred his business there after the Annapolis studio was burned in 1921. Although he did some commission work, his main focus was scenery and he toured North America selling his photographs. Many have been used in postcards. Following his death in 1946, his second wife operated the business until 1968. The fonds consist of 1,089 photographic negatives and four boxes of journals. The images are of scenery, buildings, people and events in and around Annapolis Royal and Digby.

Sandy Cove

Sandy Cove, Digby Co., 1930

Oxen and haywagon

Oxen and haywagon, Barton Road Bridge, Digby Co.

from garrison grounds

Annapolis Royal from garrison grounds


Cabbage by the wagonload, Digby

Drying fish

Drying fish, the Racquette, Digby

Maritime Fish Corporation

Man and lobster

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