Community History

Rebuilding the Port Royal Habitation (1938 –1940) (c’ted)

This collection of photographs was compiled by Kenneth D. Harris, the Chief Architect for the reconstruction. The images document the stages of construction as well as many of the workers who built the Habitation. The explanatory text included with the images is largely taken from Mr. Harris’ notes. Click on each picture to enlarge it.

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Port Royal 021 West building showing the first layer of roof boarding in place.

Photograph taken October 5, 1939

Port Royal 022

The entrance gateway being framed by a worker.

Photograph taken October 18, 1939

Port Royal 023

A view looking north-east into the courtyard showing the Storehouse under construction.

Photograph taken October 5, 1939

Port Royal 024

The DeMonts dwelling looking north-east from the courtyard.

Photograph taken August 8, 1939

Port Royal 025

Roof trusses being set in place.

Photograph taken August 17, 1939

Port Royal 026

View of the north line of buildings.

Photograph taken August 11, 1939

Port Royal 027

A roof truss being raised into place.

Photograph taken August 19, 1939

Port Royal 028

Wooden staging was built while masons completed the stone chimney stacks.

Photograph taken September 5, 1939

Port Royal 029

Interior view of south line building showing wall nogging.

Photograph taken September 11, 1939

Port Royal 030

The courtyard of the Habitation ready for its first winter.

Photograph taken November 27, 1939

Port Royal 031

Photograph taken on the occasion of the official transfer of the Habitation from Engineering and Construction Service to National Parks Bureau. (From L to R) Lt. Col. E.K. Eaton Honourary Superintendent at Fort Anne, K.D. Harris chief architect, A.E. Parker caretaker, C.B. Allen foreman of construction.

Photograph taken February 27, 1940

Port Royal 032

A view of the Habitation after the completion of construction.

Port Royal 033

A view of the Habitation after the completion of construction.

Port Royal 034

The Albert Parker house in Port Royal (Lower Granville). This house was removed from the site in 1970.

Port Royal 035

The John Robblee house in Port Royal (Lower Granville).

Photograph taken February 24, 1939

Port Royal 036

View of the community of Lower Granville with Goat Island in the background.

Photograph taken December 1, 1939

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